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At Home Self Care Tips for 2020

Life as we know it has been changing drastically since the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). It is likely that many individuals have never spent so many days restricted to their home. However, because of one of the worst pandemics in centuries, people around the globe are being forced to stay home far longer than usual. While their agendas prior to the recent COVID-19 outbreak may have included some very exciting adventures, individuals have recently found themselves simply reclining on their couches. Daily tasks may be changing in nature; however this has not slowed the inquiring mind nor the desire for a sense of wholeness and normalcy in our lives.

Day after day you may now constantly seek new activities to fill the void that work and social life once filled. So, what are some of the best self-care tips for a time such as this? We are here to help! Here at Wildflower Center for Counseling, the idea that we epitomize of self-care can be viewed from the glass door of our office. The suggestions of quality and conscious decision making are values that we demonstrate through service and product development.

We, like many others, value the brand that we represent and find great enthusiasm in sharing new ideas for self-care options from home during this difficult time. In an article entitled, “40 Self-Care Ideas for When You’re Stuck Home”, private practice dietitian, health writer and consultant Taylor Wolfram expresses her concerns for how important it is that we talk about the idea of self-care from a toolbox metaphoric perspective (Wolfram, 2020). Wolfram believes that an individual with an effective self-care toolbox fills it with a wide variety of self-care tools to meet an array of needs. In this toolbox, one should include all physical items, activities and other intangible items that will aid in the processes of learning, growing, and changing.

According to Dr. Angela Bidignano, PhD, one of the best things we can do to take care of ourselves while at home is trying to reduce our stress (Bisignano, 2020). Reducing stress levels allow us to bolster our immune system through the art of calmness and peace. Dr. Bidignano provides readers with a list of 15 Self-Care activities that they can consider during the most recent stay-at-home orders issued nationwide. Consider these project ideas and everything you’d need to complete them while you are preparing your own personal at-home self-care toolbox:

1.) Gardening Projects

2.) Cooking Projects

3.) Family Projects

4.) Movie Watching and Reflecting

5.) Readjusted Sleep Patterns

6.) Pet Projects

7.) Reading and Reflecting Projects

8.) Exercise Routines

9.) Breathing Exercise Schedule

10.) Work Related Exercises

We challenge you to share some of your most exciting activities or projects that you have completed or are currently working to complete during this postponed period of history. Feel free to share photos, videos, or any other At-Home activity pieces below.


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