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14 Ways to Show your Affection

1. Anticipate their needs

Predict what your partner may want before they even know they may need something.

2. Know your partners love language

What does your partner like? Gifts, a lot of laughter, or maybe acts of service? Show them you care through speaking their language!

3. Always give them your full attention

When your partner is talking to you, show that you are engaged in the conversation through stopping what you are doing and focusing on them. No multitasking when communicating!

4. Improve your communication skills

When your partner is speaking, listen for important things which you can repeat back to them as validation. Listen for the details. As we all know, communication is the key to a great relationship!

5. Provide them with touch

To help build affection, touch your partner gently and tell them you love them on a daily basis. This will ultimately allow your partner to feel more secure within the relationship.

6. Make time for them

Always let your partner know they are a priority. {Return their texts, answer their phone calls, plan a date!} Be available and present in order for the relationship to flourish.

7. Always make eye contact

Making eye contact lets your partner know you are present {and in the moment} with them. You are providing them with validation and love.

8. Tell your partner how amazing they are

Communicate and verbalize why you love them… Point out their amazing characteristics and specialties… Let them know that they are loved. These seemingly small gestures can have a deep and meaningful impact!

9. Pay attention to the little things

Listen to things your partner says and doesn’t say, then act on it. If your partner loves white roses, surprise them with those for no reason at all.

10. Get close to one another

Hold your partner’s hand when they are telling you something. It shows that you really value what they are saying. Plus, they will know that your direct focus is on them in that moment.

11. Be their biggest fan

Whether in public or private, always cheer your partner on. Make them feel secure and good about any task they are taking on!

12. Ask your partner what they want

How do they feel most loved and what type of affection do they truly appreciate? Often partners assume that the other person enjoys the same things as them {but we could be wrong!}

13. Accept what your partner has to offer

Always accept and appreciate what your partner has to offer. When one person is always giving and the other person is always on the receiving end, it can cause an imbalance within the relationship. Don’t forget… Relationships involve both a give and take!

14. Appreciate who is in front of you

Whether your relationship is brand new or years old, you have chosen to share your life with your partner. Love them whole heartedly and appreciate your time together.

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1 Comment

Apr 17, 2020

I really resonated with this entire list. These two things specifically I believe are overlooked a lot in relationships: always make eye contact and accept what your partner has to offer. Overall, this article encourages me to work towards having more accepting, collaborative, and respectful relationships with all my loved ones.

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