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For information about scheduling an appointment please contact us at:

843-936-2566 or

Kim DuBose

Sawubona. Gratitude for taking the courageous step into a journey of self-discovery. My name is Kim DuBose. I am a licensed clinical social worker in the states of South Carolina and Ohio. I’m a nomad at heart and wanting and thinking of what’s possible in terms of taking care of each other is fundamentally what drives me as a human being. I love that every day, in every moment, we can choose to be better and that the possibility for progressive evolution is always there. I believe in the power of kindness and redemptive love. And this is the work I am proud to do.


Once upon a time, Audre Lorde said,

When you reach out and touch other human beings,

it doesn’t matter whether you call it

therapy or teaching or poetry.

I work with folx who present across the spectrums of lived experience, ability, size, color, sexuality, and gender, in normative and non-normative relationships and with those who intimately love whomever they love.


I believe that folx are a tangle of resiliency and vulnerability--vulnerabilities borne of wounds inflicted within individual lives and resulting from legacy burdens. These wounds exile you from your True Self by constructing barriers that feel as formidable as elemental forces--fire that threatens to consume your spirit so that cinders take the place of your potential; gale-force winds that work to beat you down and push you aside so that you are not a factor in the equation of your own life; water, something once familiar and nurturing, that becomes rageful and bent on making you feel disposable; and jagged, titanic mountains, treacherous, and requiring more than your strength alone to bear the weight of.


I believe that with the assistance of someone who will give you unconditional positive regard while also holding you accountable, you can learn to avail yourself of these elemental forces. You can learn to use the flames to thaw yourself when you are frozen in place and time, to use the intangible wind to carry yourself and the weight of what feels like burdens aloft, to move as nimbly and be as mutable, as yielding and unyielding as water, and, to ground yourself so that you are as rooted and connected as redwoods. We will use every aspect of your lives—your pains, loves, challenges, and yes, even humor —along with my own eclectic therapeutic approach including psychodynamic, EMDR, IFS-informed, DBT-informed, ACT, and CBT interventions—to promote a sense of expansiveness rather than limitation. For, just as vulnerabilities are heritable and transmissible, so too is resiliency.





As a practice, Wildflower is excited

to work with clients ages five and up

who may face a variety of challenges

and presenting concerns.


The team at Wildflower is filled with experienced clinicians who have a variety of specialties. The clinicians are here to work with and meet the needs of clients

within the community. 

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No matter what life has thrown your way, know that you are capable of growing in all the places people thought you never would. {Just as captivating, resilient wildflowers do}.

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