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Ellen Mitchell, LISW-CP

Welcome! Like many of us, I have struggled with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem.  I have also dealt with relationship issues and toxic family dynamics. I began my own therapy working on these issues and more. My therapist was loving, authentic, and down-to-earth. After years of unfulfilling administrative jobs, I went back to school as a non-traditional student to earn my Master of Social Work degree. A few years later I received my Licensed Independent Social Worker Clinical Practice credential. Reflecting on my life experiences and my own time in therapy, I realized I very much wanted to become a therapist. I hope to companion each client on his or her own path toward a better life. 

I have experience working with hospice clients which has given me more perspective on coping with illness and grief. I have also worked extensively with older adults. At Fort Jackson Army Base, I worked with soldiers. I wasn’t surprised by how many of our troops are dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are trying to cope with the symptoms associated with it. However, it has been surprising to me that so many non-military clients have a history of trauma in their background, often in their family of origin. Exposure to trauma can cause distressing symptoms that can negatively affect a person’s quality of life, their relationships, and their ability to cope with daily stressors.   

I feel blessed to work with clients dealing with issues related to trauma, aging, life transitions, grief, stress, anxiety, and depression. My hope is that I can walk beside clients on the path to healing. Clients are experts in their own lives and history. A therapist can be a guide and helper as clients begin to talk about their challenges, look at options, and find new perspectives. To me, the therapy session is sacred and meaningful, and I take care to create a sense of safety and comfort. I am an authentic, empathetic, objective listener who allows clients space to take risks and to be vulnerable. I am just as likely to cry with my client as to loudly laugh at something humorous that comes up during sessions. My wish is for clients to be curious about themselves, to remain hopeful for the future, and to seek out personal strengths and resilience which are not always easy to find. My therapy practice has been improved and I have learned from each client.





As a practice, Wildflower is excited

to work with clients ages five and up

who may face a variety of challenges

and presenting concerns.


The team at Wildflower is filled with experienced clinicians who have a variety of specialties. The clinicians are here to work with and meet the needs of clients

within the community. 

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No matter what life has thrown your way, know that you are capable of growing in all the places people thought you never would. {Just as captivating, resilient wildflowers do}.

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