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Meet the Clinicians - Nicolette Paul

Hi, I’m Nicolette, a licensed professional counselor in South Carolina. I also hold licenses in Louisiana and Georgia. As a recent transplant from Louisiana, I’m enjoying exploring the city of Charleston.

My career as a counselor includes experience serving children, adolescents, and adults in various mental health settings. Focus areas include behavioral and emotional concerns such as anxiety, ADHD symptoms, anger management, depression, grief, life transitions, self-esteem, stress, and socio-emotional issues. I enjoy working with neurodiverse clients.

Are you struggling with feelings and/or behaviors? I believe in the transformative power of the therapeutic relationship to assist clients in meeting life challenges and creating the change they seek. As a counselor, I’m dedicated to supporting clients in the therapeutic process of achieving their goals. I bring unconditional positive regard, empathic listening, and the ability to create a safe space in counseling sessions. My approach is to provide guidance and support while the client is on the path to self-discovery.

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