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Meet the Clinicians - Molly Mayes

Hi! I'm Molly, a Licensed Professional Counselor in South Carolina and Texas. Showing up to therapy can be tough. It's hard work. My goal is to create a space that feels comfortable and safe, despite the potentially heavy topics that may be discussed. To do this, I show up as my 100% authentic self. I love to laugh and have fun which helps me when working with children and adolescents. I often find myself utilizing methods that help with emotional and verbal expression including art and games. I am also a challenger. Gently and when appropriate, I may encourage you to take a look at yourself or a specific situation to help us both navigate through emotions and situations.

I believe that every individual has the power to possess a multitude of strengths. At times of stress, you may feel overwhelmed with symptoms or situations that seem to overshadow your strengths. My approach to therapy focuses on helping you identify and remind you of your superpowers so we can focus more on finding solutions. I find myself using a solution based approach with a holistic lens to work with individuals and provide them with practical solutions for their own, unique world.

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