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Meet the Clinicians - Jennifer Fine

Hello – my name is Jennifer. I have lived in Charleston for the past fifteen years. I moved from Boston where I worked in an inpatient hospital setting, as well as a school setting. I began my career as a clinician in 1992.

My stance, as with everything in life, is to be present and authentic. I think it can be very easy to listen; however, it is another thing to truly hear what someone is saying. I would like to think that I am a therapist that hones in on what is actually being said – I hear you!

I feel that my experiences personally and professionally have shaped in me an openness to others. I have developed a deep awareness not only of myself, but more importantly to my clients. I feel that most clinician’s senses and emotional core are heightened. We are open and we are ready to start the process of exploration and to help define what makes you unique.

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