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Meet the Clinicians - Amy Ashland

My first mentor in the field of counseling told me, “You can't take anyone to where you've never been”. This sage advice has stayed with me for the 30 plus years that I have had the privilege of operating in this profession. These words have encouraged me to continue my own journey of self-exploration and healing and then in turn helped me to be more equipped to offer and support in the healing relationships that I have been privileged to play a role in over the years.

Children, adolescents and families have been a particular area of focus and expertise for me. From working in traditional outpatient settings and a therapeutic day school, across the spectrum to inpatient settings, my experiences have been varied and have enriched my knowledge base.

Healthy, working, therapeutic relationships start with the building blocks of a healthy relationship. For my clients this includes providing a safe place to share information, thoughts and feelings and setting mutually agreed upon goals for the progression of therapy. Sessions then become the process of working towards achieving these goals that are reviewed and adjusted as needed.

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